As a registered member of the MSLA you can enjoy the following privileges:

  • Be part of and help shape a new association whose primary aim is to support, leverage and promote the role of medical science liaison

  • Receive a significant discount to be a part of MSLA National Meetings – scoped by MSLs for MSLs

  • Have access to a library of relevant and useful information that can help shape your understanding and identify opportunities for evolving the role within your organisation

  • Network with other MSLs to engage with, seek advice or consensus opinion from MSLs across UK Pharma

  • Be kept up to date with the latest initiatives or guidance that may impact you as an MSL

  • Input your expertise and experience to ensure that MSLA’s value added offerings remain current and relevant

  • For £40 per year you can’t really go wrong!

Come and join; be part of this new professional body for MSLs by MSLs